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About Me

I started writing “The Style Fixer” not because people out there need someone to fix them, but actually because it is a way for me to get my weekly fashion “fix.”  I love fashion and I love playing with my style and I really love sharing my ideas with other people!  Here are a few things that you should know about me before you read my blog.

1. I do not have a massive wardrobe.  In fact, I share an 8-foot, single-pole closet with my husband.  He gets one half and I get the other (Although, my half often spills over onto his side.).  I also don’t spend much on my clothing.  Most of my pieces have come from sale racks.  So, if you are someone who owns a huge walk-in closet the size of my daughter’s room, and has hundreds of dollars to spend on new outfits every month then this blog will probably be of little interest to you.  If, however, you are like me – on a budget, but still striving to look stylish – then you have come to the right place.

2. I am not super skinny.  I am a size 6, and healthy.  This is important because many women are under the false impression that you have to starve yourself to look good in your clothes.  This is simply not true.  In fact, many outfits look much better when you can fill them out a little bit.  That being said, there is nothing wrong with being naturally thin either.  Bottom line, confidence can improve any look.

3.  I am not a photographer, so if some of my images are fuzzy or out of focus, I apologize.


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